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My Booking
* 이름은 예약 시 기입한 탑승자명(한글, 영문 구분)으로 기입해 주세요.(최대 9명까지 적용)
* 기입하신 성함의 탑승객에 대하여 부가서비스 구매가 가능합니다.
* Please enter a comma (,) between the names of passengers when referring to more than one person. (Do not use spaces after the comma.)
   예시) 2인 이상 조회 : 홍길동,홍길순,김부산,···
* 영문성함으로 예약한 경우 성/이름 순으로 기입해 주세요.
   예시) 1인 조회 : HONG/GILDONG
   Ex) For more than 2 people : JOHN/SMITH,SARA/SMITH,JANE/SMITH
  • Additional services are not automatically refunded if you change or cancel your itinerary purchased on any channel other than AIR BUSAN's homepage/mobile. (ex. codeshare flights, travel agency sites, etc.). Please change/cancel additional service yourself through our homepage and reservation center.
  • For Asiana Airlines codeshare flights, this service is not available if you changed the itinerary after the initial ticketing (including route change and simple discount rate change).
  • Travel agents may not be available depending on the purchase channel.
  • If you applied for a service that requires a personal fare discount or identification (child traveling alone, pets accompanying, together services, wheelchair applications, etc.), internet boarding pass service is not available.
  • Codeshare of Asiana Airlines customers should check the AIR BUSAN reservation number on the Asiana Airlines homepage.