Together service is to provide a help and convenience for certain passengers such as children under the age of 7, women with 2 or more children, the elderly over 70 years old, or the level 3 disabled or higher.


  1. Step01 Application

    Apply in advance

  2. Step02 Register

    Complete and Confirm of application registration

  3. Step03 Departure airport

    Staff guide
    - Seat assignment, Baggage check-in and Gate information

  4. Step04 Boarding

    Airplane Boarding

  5. Step05 Arrival Airport

    Staff guide
    - Information on Baggage claim and Waiting room

In case you apply for this service, please contact Reservation Center to tell the followings in advance.
  • Reason for applying the service (age / children / level of disability)
  • Place of the service you need (Departure/Arrival airport)

Available for

  • Women with 2 or more infants/children under the age of 7.
  • The elderly over 70 years old who travels alone
  • Disabled person with third degree disability or more

Service charge

  • AIR BUSAN offers services in all of our routes for free.

Arrival Information

  • You will have the priority access to the seat assignment and baggage check-in and a designated staff will guide you to the boarding gate at the departure airport.
  • At the arriving airport, a designated staff in the gate will assist you to find your luggage.


  • Together service provides an immediate staff’s assistance from the time of arrival at the counter.
  • Together service is not intended to transport passenger’s luggage, and the passenger may be charged if there occurs a baggage handling cost at the airport.
  • If you need Together service, please fill out the registration form at airport first. Also, you should wear the Together service tag offered at the airport until the end of service.
  • You will be guided to the greeting area. However, this service does not confirm whether you have met waiting party or whether you have taken any transportation.
  • For Vladivostok route, together service is not available.